That Thing

Missional High School Event


At first glance, this word seems so simple and mundane, like a medium cup of coffee. Yet, better by nature is so much more. Approach it from this light: Our world is full of bests…Best Actress, Best Smile, Best Restaurant. The word best is capped, limited, and finite stating that there will never be a better version out there.

Spiritually speaking, our best will never be good enough. Hoping to do our best doesn’t get one into heaven; mankind simply cannot reach that high. But better – The word in itself is unlimited. Like our Father’s love for us, like infinity, you can only begin to approach better, but you never reach the end. To get better, we will endure trials, make sacrifices, struggle with discipline, and experience both joy and sorrow…but what waits on the other side, what the Lord has waiting for us, is better. Far greater than any dream or vision we could come up with on our own, God is about to take us somewhere better. 

Discover how living and leading in the shadow of the cross is going to help us approach something far greater than we thought possible: a better world, better communities, better schools, better churches, better days for us all.

Get ready for That Thing.

Middle School Camp

Camp Adventure


Camp Adventure's Impact Camps provide a classic camp experience, featuring action packed adventures including swimming, blobbing, paintball, and High Ropes. Most importantly, there is a deep focus on Christ through an amazing spiritual program including small groups, modern worship and opportunities to ask the tough questions about God.

Day Camp

Camp Adventure


Camp Adventure's Day Camp provides experiences much like vacation bible school, but with classic camp experiences mixed into the fun as well. It runs from 8-5 Monday through Friday for one week. Day Camp features action packed adventures including swimming, blobbing, paintball, and low ropes. Most importantly, there is a  focus on Christ through a spiritual program including worship and opportunities to learn about Jesus's love through stories and devotions.